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Karnataka Election Result will be announced today, 15 May 2018 (Karnataka Elections 2018 Results Date) putting an end to the month-long anticipation as the outcome of recently held Karnataka Elections is likely to chart the stock market direction ahead from present levels.

Market participants and investors all across have been keenly awaiting the Karnataka Elections 2018 results as this Assembly election will be an acid test for Narendra Modi-led BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) before the 2019 Lok Sabha Elections.


In the Karnataka Assembly Elections 2018 results today, Narendra Modi-led BJP’s B S Yeddyurappa and Rahul Gandhi-led INC (Indian National Congress) Siddaramaiah (current CM of Karnataka) fate will be decided.


In the Karnataka Elections 2018, a vote count of 72.13% was seen, which was the highest since 1952 assembly polls. Indian stock markets finished on a flatter note on Monday with the headline indices Sensex and Nifty settling just in green. Earlier on Friday last week, Sensex and Nifty concluded at their respective 3-month highs.



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11:00 am: Mid-morning market check: Indian stock markets trade higher with key equity indices Sensex and Nifty hovering near all-time highs. According to latest projections, BJP stands at 122, Congress at 58, JD(S) at 39 and others at 3. The S&P BSE Sensex is trading higher 351 points at 35,908.07 while NSE Nifty is trading up 100.2 points at 10,906.8; SGX Nifty Futures trading up 110 points at 10,919 on Singapore Exchange. The Indian rupee advanced 2 paise at 67.4987 against the US dollar as against a fresh 16-month low of 67.7925. 


10:51 am: In order to form a majority government in the Karnataka Assembly, a party should gather at least 113 seats. As per latest projections, Narendra Modi-led BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) is well above Rahul Gandhi-led Congress and H D Deve Gowda-led JD(S). Latest trends show BJP at 119, Congress at 57, JD(S) at 43 and others at 3. Sensex trading up 372 points at 35,928.68 , Nifty trading up 100.5 at 10,907.1.


10:30 am: Shares of Dr Lal PathLabs, BEML, Suzlon, Videocon emerges as the top gainers among the ‘A’ group of BSE while shares of KEC, Balrampur Chini, Allahabad Bank, PFS were the top laggards.


10:18 am: Indian equity market rallies! Benchmark Sensex jumps 436.82 points to a fresh 3-month high of 35,993.53, Nifty gains 122.6 points to 10,929.2 while SGX Nifty Futures trading up 122 or 1.13% at 10,931. BJP at 113, Congress at 63, JD(S) at 45 and others at 1.


10:10 am: It’s Modi Wave! Sensex up 35,926.3, up by 369.59 points; Nifty 10,909.6, up 13. Narendra Modi heads to majority leading with 115 seats, Congress at 60, JD(S) at 45 and others at 2.


10:00 am: Market Check! The S&P BSE Sensex rallies 364.31 points to a fresh 3 month high of 35,921.02 on Tuesday. BJP at 112, Congress at 61, JD(S) at 45 and others at 2.


9:58 am: Modi Wave? Earlier this month, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “It is not a BJP wave in Karnataka but it is a BJP storm.” Narendra Modi kickstarted the election campaigning in Karnataka with three rallies in a single day. BJP at 109, Congress at 61, JD(S) at 47 and others at 2.


9:46 am: Breaking! The BJP heads to a majority leading with 106 seats while Congress is at 64, JD(S) at 45 and others at 2.


9:38 am: FPI’s cheer BJP lead over Congress as SGX Nifty Futures recover sharply, trading up 0.55% at 10,868 on the Singapore Exchange on Tuesday. BJP at 99, Congress at 75, JD(S) at 41 while others at 2.


9:28 am: Indian stock market shines as Narendra Modi-led BJP seen leading Rahul Gandhi-led Indian National Congress (INC) with BJP at 94, Congress at 80 and JD(S) at 42. BSE Sensex jumps 240 points to 35,796.79 making a day’s top of 35,817.65, up by 260.94 points on Tuesday.


This image shows the 30 stocks of BSE Sensex with index levels, as at 9:28 am on Tuesday. (Image: BSE)




9:25 am: Market rallies! The domestic stock markets recover partly as BJP seen leading Congress as per the early trends with BJP at 99, Congress at 68, JD(S) at 33. The benchmark Sensex jumps 205.72 points to 35,762.43 while NSE Nifty 10,819.15 gains 42.7 points to 10,849.3. 


9:17 am: The Indian rupee extends losses in the wee minutes of trading. The rupee lost as much as 28 paise to 67.79 against the US dollar on Tuesday. The latest trend shows BJP at 86, Congress at 76 and JD(S) at 26.


9:15 am: Opening Bell! Indian stock markets start in negative territory on Tuesday as market participants eye the outcome of Karnataka Elections 2018 with the counting of votes going on. The benchmark Sensex opens at 35,537.85, down by 18.86 points, 0.05% whereas NSE Nifty opens at 10,812.6, up by 6 points or 0.06% on Tuesday.

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