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IRCTC eWallet registration online, account and login on new IRCTC website: In a bid to promote digital payments, IRCTC has been encouraging the use of its eWallet.

Under the eWallet feature of IRCTC, a passenger or a user can deposit an amount of money in advance and use it later for paying money at the time of ticket booking. Recently, the e-ticking and catering arm of Indian Railways, Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) revamped its official website irctc.co.in. For all those who are wondering, here is how you can register for IRCTC eWallet online, access the IRCTC eWallet account and login on the new IRCTC e-ticketing website. We also list some guidelines for users who can book railway tickets online easily with the help of IRCTC eWallet:

IRCTC eWallet Registration:
First, login to the new IRCTC website by entering your user name and password.
Now, under “IRCTC eWallet” section, the user has to click on “IRCTC eWallet Register Now” link.
Now, the user will have the option to verify Aadhaar or PAN for IRCTC eWallet registration on the new IRCTC website.
Once the verification is complete, payment page will appear on the screen for payment of registration fee. The IRCTC eWallet registration fee is Rs 50 (excluding tax).
Now, a transaction password has to be created, which will be required at the time of booking. Also, reconfirm the same.
The user can select the bank from the list of payment options available, for the payment of registration fee, which is non-refundable.
Once the payment is successfully made, the user will be logged out. Moreover, a successful registration message will be provided.

IRCTC eWallet Account Deposit:
First, log in by submitting the username and password on the new IRCTC website.
Now, to deposit money in the IRCTC eWallet, click on ‘IRCTC eWallet DEPOSIT’ link, which is present on the Left Navigation Bar. Following this, select option and enter the sum, which has to be deposited. Reconfirm the same. The minimum amount of deposit is Rs 100 and maximum amount is Rs 10,000.
From the dropdown list, select the payment option and click on submit option for payment.

How to book tickets with IRCTC eWallet option:
First, login with your username and password.
Now, select the source, train, destination, date and passenger details.
After reviewing details and entering the captcha, go for the payment option.
Under the payment gateway, the user will see IRCTC eWallet option.
Now, submit the transaction password on the payment page. Here, the user will also able to see the available balance in the eWallet.
From the account, the amount will be debited and redirected to the confirmation page for submission of OTP.
An OTP will be sent to the user’s mobile number. Submit the OTP to confirm the transaction. However, for every transaction through IRCTC eWallet, Rs 10 will be deducted.
Also, it should be noted that booking is only allowed when the ticket amount is less than the balance amount.

Last modified on Monday, 02 July 2018

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