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कमोडिटी बाजार में आज कहां लगाएं दांव

कल की जोरदार तेजी के बाद कच्चे तेल में ऊपरी स्तर से दबाव दिख रहा है। दरअसल इंटरनेशनल एनर्जी एजेंसी ने ओपेक का उत्पादन घटने और अमेरिका और यूरोप में क्रूड की मांग बढ़ने का अनुमान जताई है।


Government in festival mode, wants sugar prices to stay low

When it comes to sugar, the government does not want to take any chances. The food minister tweeted that the government will decide on sugar imports soon.


Govt said to plan setting new gold bourse rules in November

India plans to finalize trading specifications for the country’s new spot gold exchange in November amid a push to improve transparency in the world’s second-biggest bullion market, people familiar with the matter said.


Gold shaken out of slumber by a mysterious 2 million ounce trade

After weeks of relative slumber, gold traders were rudely awoken to a surge in volume and volatility.


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