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Caught in credit card debt trap? Here’s why credit card refinancing makes sense

With changing lifestyles and growing expenses, credit cards have become inevitable today. Apart from managing one’s financial needs, credit cards also prove to be one’s best friend in times of crisis.


Are you a 1st-time homebuyer? Here are 6 big tips

Buying a house is usually the biggest financial transaction of our lives and therefore is viewed with a degree of trepidation. One question that many first-time homebuyers grapple with is how much money they need to spend out of their own pocket.


Be a smart investor! Know why you should hold on to your equity investments

Indian equities have seen a sharp sell-off amid weakness in global equities and the re-introduction of long-term capital gains (LTCG) tax on equities in Budget 2018.


Explained: How SIPs help you get a grip of greed and fear

In the world of investments, there is a well-researched theory of how human emotions play strongly at the wrong time. Individual investors in the past have exhibited investment behaviour driven a lot primarily by two emotions, greed and fear.


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