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Aadhaar, PAN, bank account linking: Here is why you must complete the linkage

As a standalone document Aadhaar was just a proof of identity, but it was always clear that the government would like to make it more than just that, given that it was intent on biometric registration.


Keen to invest in bank FDs? Try these new smaller banks for higher returns

Investing in fixed deposit instrument ensures you get a guaranteed return for a particular period of time.If you are risk-averse investor planning to invest in bank FDs, which offer will give you the best returns? Nowadays, Bank FDs are give you returns ranging from 5 percent to 7 percent.


Income Tax efiling: Here’s how self-employed should efile their taxes

Stepping into the world of entrepreneurship is an exciting as well as a nerve-racking decision. As an owner whose business is still in its infancy,


Purchasing power of money: How inflation impacts fixed income; what you must to know

Inflation or the erosion in the purchasing power of money is a constant and global phenomenon. For instance, the basket of goods and services that we can acquire with Rs 1,000 is considerably smaller than what we could have acquired with the same amount of money 10 years ago.


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