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Samvat 2073: Sensex up 16.6%; investors richer by Rs 25 lakh crore
MUMBAI: Stock markets ended on a flat note on Wednesday, just below their record highs+ , but finished Samvat 2073 with robust gains of over 16 per cent, adding over Rs 25 lakh crore to investors' wealth. The benchmark Sensex has gained 4,642.84
Ten stocks that rose over 100% in Samvat 2073
After the lows in late December 2016 post demonetisation, Indian markets rallied on a gush of liquidity and optimism on government reforms. Around 24 stocks among BSE 500 jumped over 100% in the Hindu calendar year 2073 that ends on Wednesday.
Failure of governance at Axis Bank is now absolute, India’s sixth largest bank has been caught
On Tuesday evening, the Indian lender reported that the central bank wasn’t happy with its classification of nine large corporate accounts as standard assets. As a result, the non-state-owned bank, the country’s sixth-largest by market value,
Top 11 stocks which gave up to 300% return in last 4 out 5 Samvat years; do you own any?
The festival of lights, Diwali is just a few days away and there are fireworks all around on D-Street with benchmark indices touching record highs in the run-up to the event. If you would have invested in equities at the start of Samvat 2073
Martin Sorrell says he remains bullish on India
Martin Sorrell, chief executive of the world’s largest communications services group WPP Plc., has strongly backed India’s economic prospects. “I remain an Indian bull, I am not an Indian bear,” he said, at a press conference organized ahead of
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19 October 2017

Markets have taken all developments – geopolitical tensions between the United ...

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